Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Fun

This video isn't HAHA funny but it is WTF funny.

Poor guy, just pulled off on of the most amazing stunts of his life and it was a complete accident.  He couldn't do that again without breaking his neck and I'm amazed that he didn't.

Then this got me to thinking.  Have I ever done anything in my life that was a complete accident but turned out pretty cool?  Well kid #2 not withstanding.  Kidding!!

The best I can come up with happened a long time ago in during one of Maryland's wonderful ice storms.  I was going down a hill in my Jeep and I started to skid to the left.  The road was deserted, fortunately, and the skid turned into a full out spin.  I held onto the steering wheel and tried to turn into it, like video games taught me, and then must have hit a non icy patch because the car spun all the way around.  In my lane, pointed in the direction I was going.


How about you?  Anything that started out as an accident but then afterwards you wished you had it on film?

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Brigid Kemmerer said...

Oh my god! That made me laugh out loud. :-)