Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm pissed

I've been waiting to get a Wii Fit. I didn't pre-order one from Amazon because I thought that I would have no problem getting one. I was wrong.

So I searched and finally last night, I was in Best Buy and they had 2! WOOT, I was so pumped to get it home and when I got it hooked up it won't sync. Over and over again the fucking thing blinks at me. I pushed the button on the balance board and the button on the Wii.




It took all I had not to throw the thing on the floor.

So maybe it's the batteries. Out I go to CVS at 9:50, in the rain to get new batteries.

Get home with 8 AA duracell batteries. The HIGH POWERED ones especially made for electronics. (What a crock) Put the batteries into the balance board and the board said, "Fuck you."

Didn't even turn on.

I didn't even get a courtesy blink.

I just got bent over the coach and reamed.

Fucking electronics.

We also bought a new dishwasher last night, what are the chances that the guy hooks it up on Friday and it spews water and suds all over the house on Saturday?

Pretty good if you ask me.