Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wildcard Wednesday Fails

I didn't expect a winner every week. I know it's going to be impossible for me to even find something that I want to write about all the time. But after getting Ghostbusters 3 a couple of weeks ago, I had high hopes of getting something good this time.

Actress Penelope Cruz welcomed her first child at Cedars Sinai Hospital in L.A. Tuesday.
Nope.  Today Yahoo! gives us Penelope Cruz.

You may be asking yourself. Why is Penelope Cruz in the news? I know I was asking myself.

Granted she's beautiful.  But she's had to have done something special to be at the top of Yahoo!'s buzz list, right?  She had a baby. That's cool and all but are we so starved for entertainment that celebrities having babies are news?

Sorry, I forgot, we are.  And in some cases just because you had more babies than you should you actually become a celebrity.  Doesn't that seem wrong to you?  Does to me.

It's not a clown car people.

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