Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wildcard Wednesday - Hello Tiger

Tiger Woods reacts on the 2nd hole during the Pro-Am at the Emirates Golf Club a day ahead of Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament in Dubai, United Ar

Seems that WCW wants to do some sports today so we'll do sports.  Above is Tiger Woods.  Now if you don't know who Tiger Woods is and what he has done to himself and his family, where the hell have you been?  I'm not going to recap all that mess because it's been done to death and frankly I just don't care that much.  He slept around and got caught and it cost him his family and a boatload of money.  Moving on.

Since all this went down, Tiger hasn't been playing great golf.  Heck he's not even playing average golf.   But in a Yahoo! article that I read just 30 seconds ago said this, "I still feel I can win golf tournaments," said Woods, who has won 14 majors among 82 titles around the world. "I'm not that old. I figure I've got some years ahead of me."

I'm not that old?  Quick to Wikipedia.  Tiger is 35 years old.  Hmm.  He's 7 years younger than I am and he figures he still has "some" years ahead of him.   I guess your time as a world class athlete is short but to me that's quite a defeatist attitude to have.  

I think that attitude is in more people than would like to admit it.  "I figure if I can get to the weekend, everything will be all right".  "If I can make it to my next paycheck, things will be better".   "If we can last until the kids are gone then our marriage might improve".  Stop waiting for things to happen to you....happen to them.  

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