Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Review - Friday Night Lights

This is my favorite show of all time.  There I've said it.  It's the show that pushed Quantum Leap out of the number one slot.  Let me tell you that took a lot of pushing. 

I was hooked from the second I started watching and kept telling my wife, "You have got to see this show".  She ignored me until about halfway through the third season.  She, of course, was hooked and made me buy the first two seasons on iTunes.  Which I happily did.

I went to Orlando last week and on the plane I watched 3 or 4 episodes from season 1.  They were every bit as riveting as they were when I first watched them.  I can remember watching this when it first came on and rooting for the team to win.  Not in the way of, it would be cool if they could win.  I mean standing up and ROOTING for them like they were real.  

That's what this show does so well.  It makes these characters real.  When Jason Street gets hurt in that very early episode you already want him to get up.  Later he comes back in his wheelchair at homecoming and the team walks behind him with 15000 fans going crazy and I defy you to not tear up.  Thank goodness that airplane was dark and the guy sitting next to me couldn't tell.  

From Tim Riggins to Coach Taylor, Smash Williams to Tammy Taylor, they aren't characters on TV.  They are friends, people you'd like to meet and talk to.  People you want to protect. 

The later seasons get away from football a little more than I would like.  But that's what happens in life.  Other things become more important.  Your family grows up, friends move away, jobs change and you have to adapt.  This year is going to be the last season that we look in on Dillon and I'm going to be sad to see it go.  You don't find too many shows like this on TV anymore, I'm so glad I stumbled upon the Panthers 4 years ago.  

Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can't lose.  

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